Portable Conveyor Vulcanizing Presses & Splicing Tools

Everything you need for splicing your rubber conveyor belt fast and efficiently

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Compact Vulcanizing Press VULCOLITE FL / S / SL

WAGENER Vulcanizers

The VULCOLITE systems are compact vulcanizing presses with just one top and one bottom part.
Easy and quick use on site or in the workshop.

  • two-piece welded aluminum frame construction

  • quick assembly and disassembly
  • with silicone heating element
  • electronic temperature control

  • adjustable temperature from 100 up to 170° C (212 – 338° F)

  • incorporated air control box with safety valve

  • VULCOLITE FL and VULCOLITE S: surface pressure up to max. 70N/cm² (100 psi)

  • VULCOLITE SL: surface pressure up to max. 50N/cm² (70 psi)

  • rapid heat up and cool down time

  • multiple units can be used side by side for longer splice lengths

Vulcanizing Press

Vulcanizing Press
WAGENER Vulcanizers

The Hydraulic Vulcanizing presses are of a very robust construction, made for long life and the most heavy conditions.

  • high level of safety by passing traction bolts through the cross beam profile

  • conventional, robust heating plates combined with hydraulic pressure systems allow splicing even on partially worn belts

  • heating plate with air or water cooling

  • exact temperature regulation via an electronic control box

  • easier and faster pressure buildup by changing piston hand pump or motor pump unit

Vulcanizing Press
EMU-Air and EMU-Liquid

Vulcanizing Press
WAGENER Vulcanizers

The EMU vulcanizing system is a cost competitive and light weight vulcanizing press for all your needs.

  • light construction for flexible use
  • equipped for water / air cooling

  • robust, flush fitting electric connections with a metal plug locking device

  • quick heating time with optimum heating capacity

  • quick cooling time due to integrated cooling channels

  • optimum pressure and temperature distribution

Spot Repair Press

Spot Repair Press
WAGENER Vulcanizers

Long term repairs you are only able to do with NILOS repair presses.
This will not be only a repair – this will be a new part in your belt.

  • for spot repairs on rubber conveyor belts

  • for overhang of 800 mm, 1.000 mm and 1.200 mm

  • particularly easy to transport due to the low weight of the single parts

  • simple assembly without the need of any tools

  • uniform pressure distribution by means of the pressure bag

  • adjustable temperature from 100 up to 170° C

Splicing Tools

WAGENER Vulcanizers

WAGENER Vulcanizers is a specialist for innovative tools for splicing and repairing of rubber conveyor belts.
Whatever tool you need to work on your conveyor belt, please send us an inquiry.

  • automatic cord stripper systems

  • frog clamps

  • spiked and curled rollers

  • different special knives

  • and many more

Splicing Tool Kits

Splicing Tool Kit
WAGENER Vulcanizers

The tools have been developed together with splicing experts, to be able to get the best working tools.
A full set of tools including knives, stitchers, ply lifters etc. you can get in our “tool kit”.

  • several special knives

  • different types of brushes

  • various types of rollers

  • safety gear

  • with hand grip and adjustable shoulder strap

  • padlocks

WAGENER Vulcanizers

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